About this page

Here you will find my blog, book reviews, discussion on topics that interest me and links to websites I find worthy of sharing.

I was inspired by Luke Smith to start my own website. It's a fun side project to practice web development and system administration by maintaing a server. I get to be the master of my own website rather than having to rely on a platform.

The blog part of this website was inspired by Hugo Monteiros' blog. Since I found it so useful I thought maybe I would have things to share that others would find useful.

About me

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Below you will find links to interesting websites.

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, a scottish GP with lots of critical thinking and a witty sense of humor. Dr. Kendrick has written several great books. My favorite being The great cholesterol con.

Dr. Sebastian Rushworth, a young emergency doctor who loves to dig deep into interesting medical topics. Dr. Sebastian has a great email newsletter where he discusses medical research from a critical point of view. This man is a gem.

Luke Smith Ph.D, a linguist and Linux/GNU computer nerd. Popularized the idea of ranting in the woods.

Dr. Hugo Monteiro, one of the few people I have met with an intact critical thinking and integrity. Hugos' blog has been a goldmine in my journey through medical school.